Thematic areas

Ankulegi’s publication priorities, aligned with a series of thematic areas, are enriched and updated every year through the addition of new themes, selected for Ankulegi´s Annual Conference  in tune with the association members´ interests and preferences. 


The classic definition of ‘border’ refers to a territorial limit (sometimes natural, such as seas and mountains, and sometimes constructed, such as walls and fences) aimed at defending national sovereignty. This classic definition has been overwhelmed by historical, anthropological, and political approaches, which have expanded and exploded the very category of border and its study. What does the border defend? How does it extend beyond its geographical limits? This topic is linked to the XXVI Ankulegi Anthropology Conference 2024: ‘Borders, Crossings, and [Mis]Encounters.’

environmental anthropology

The theme for Ankulegi´s 2022 Conference, this thematic refers to environmental or ecological issues, understood from a broad viewpoint: from conservation and environmental governance, to interspecies relationships, climate change, the Anthropocene and cognate concepts, cosmopolitics, ontologies, or political ecology,

anthropology as professional practice

From the beginning of its activities, Ankulegi has promoted a wide debate around: the possibilities and limits of Applied Anthropology; the impulse towards professional practice within the discipline; and the working conditions and limits of creative freedom of those anthropologists employed inside and outside academia. Several of Ankulegi´s annual conferences have been organized around those issues (IV Annual Conference, 2000; VI Annual Conference, 2002; XXIII Annual Conference, 2021). We seek contributions from those who want to share their working experiences or projects in Applied Anthropology, or who want to reflect about anthropological practice in different working environments. We would also like to hear from those who want to denounce situations of precariousness, or discuss the lack of recognition of the Social Sciences within the knowledge industry.



Within this thematic, we invite contributions: written or produced from a gender or feminist perspective (which includes all kinds of feminisms); which enrich the debate and/or facilitate learning about feminist epistemologies and methodologies; and which help to create networks and foster alliances for change in gender systems.

basque countries

Within this thematic we seek submissions referring to the different Basque territories, Basque diasporas, Basque ecosystems, and ways of life; and which deal with issues around Basque culture, language, politics and anthropology from a critical and reflective point of view.



Under this thematic we welcome all kinds of texts, written communications, reflective essays and news about the history and activities of Ankulegi, Basque Anthropological Association. Ankulegi was founded in 1994, and was heavily involved in the constitution both of FAAEE (Federation of Spanish Anthropological Associations) and ASAEE (Spanish Anthropological Association).

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