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Semiotic disaster {and extinction}

This speech was induced by an episode that took place during the first few weeks of classes in a compulsory subject for Social Sciences students at a public university in the south-east of Brazil this year. By understanding it as an episode of what I have come to call the Semiotic Disaster, I will try to suggest that this episode is just a local expression of our ecology, the political result of which is the appearance of a new governing subject, the user, us, whose perceptual-cognitive characteristics are, to say the least, peculiar.

Efectos de mutuo arrastre

Tras varias presentaciones públicas del libro (y más de 14 ciclos lunares), comparto ahora mi contribución a este proyecto que, entre otras cosas, me hizo pensar y escribir desde una sensibilidad distinta a la que estaba acostumbrada. […]

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