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Ankulegi is an open and dynamic digital space, which aims to promote debate and knowledge exchange within and around the field of Social Anthropology. This new space represents both a continuation of and a break from Ankulegi´s previous publishing project, the printed journal Revista de Antropología Social Ankulegi, which was issued annually by the Asociación de Antropología Vasca Ankulegi (Basque Anthropological Association) from 1997 to 2019.

By moving into a new digital sphere, we aim to create a lively space to foster the collaborative and experimental development of innovative modes of research, debate, and knowledge exchange around contemporary anthropological and ethnographic practice. The experimental nature of our new project does not preclude our determination to present our readers with rigorours pieces of work and interesting and original contributions.

We will also provide news and information about a wide range of topics in Social Anthropology, both in the Basque Country and in the international context. Our intended readership lays both inside and outside academia, and thus we strive to foster a fruitful dialogue between professional associations, researchers, students, practitioners and institutions linked to Anthropology and its and related areas.

We are embedded in Hypotheses, a platform hosting scientific blogs and linked to the open-access website OpenEdition. In this way, we will place our digital contents within a repository for the Social Sciences and Humanities, amongst similar digital platforms with related aims, research interests, and contents, in the hope of identifying synergies and connections with them.

This new digital space is open to all of you who have an interest in Social Anthropology; entries are not expected to follow a specific journal format or comply with the classic structure of academic writing. We invite all kinds of submissions, from the usual (narrative texts, visual and audiovisual documents) to the unexpected, such as fiction and memoirs, artifacts, and ethnographic experiments. In this way, we seek to include and account for all kinds of scenarios, experiences, and contexts which reflect the kind of lives and researches we inhabit. We also welcome reflections and musings about problematic theories, concepts, or practices within the discipline of Social Anthropology, as well as reviews of books, articles, films, and exhibitions, travel reports, excerpts from ethnographic diaries, research memoirs, or any other kind of contribution which relates to the aims and scope of this digital space.

Editorial Team: 

Editorial Board:
Ion Fernández de las Heras
Lidia Montesinos Llinares

Editorial Advisory Board:
Susana Carro Ripalda
Carlos García Grados
Olatz González Abrisketa
Xabier Jaso Esain
Andrea Ruiz Balzola

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